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08-02-08  New Video: Stefani Catches Nikki Beating Off!

Nikki is alone stroking her giant nipples to a titty magazine! Stefani barges in and catches her! Stefani grabs Nikki's nipples, jerks them off and yells at her, "These are mine! I'm supposed to do this! Bad Girl!" Nikki tries to give excuses but starts playing with Stefani's tits. They rub nipples and slam their boobs together. Stefani sucks and strokes Nikki's floppy udders till they lactate! Then Nikki rubs her long nipples against Stefani's milk squirting hooters! These girls really get loud and crazy fondling each other with fervor!

07-30-08  Rina the Busty Bunny Get Playful with Janeen!

New photos of Rina & Janeen getting frisky have been added! Also, more photos of Vanessa & Monica and Nikki & Stefani!

Video Repost!

Bianca jiggles her juggs and unloads her milk supply onto glass!

07-26-08  New Video: Tiana Goes on a Date with You!

It's your lucky day, you're on a date with Tiana and her titanic ta-tas! You give her a rose and she melts with affection. You stare at her titties as she dances with you. She shakes her tits and ass in your face! She sits down with you, and gives you a big sloppy kiss! She catches you staring at her boobs and invites you into her cleavage. You burry your face in her whoppers while she giggles. Then she teases you by playing with her own tits! She lies down, tongues you and gropes her lactating mammaries! Finally s
he say's, "I'm going to drench you in my tit-cum!" and shoots milk in your face!

07-23-08  Vanessa & Monica Flaunt their Fuckable Funbags!

New photos of Vanessa & Monica flaunting their funbags! Also, more photos of Tiana, Nikki & Stefani!

07-20-08  New Video: Bianca & Janeen Play with Strap-Ons!

Wearing their strap-on dildos, Bianca and Janeen have kinky fun pretending they have dicks! They begin passionately French kissing each other. Then the two nymphos switch off sucking each others tits! This of course leads to them sucking cocks and enjoying it! Then the tit-fucking ensues! They ram each others cleavage till their milk is flowing. Then Janeen humps Bianca from behind while her hooters erupt with milky pleasure! The two tit-girls create a symphony of moans, groans, giggles and naughty talk! Tits and Dicks!

07-16-08  Nikki & Stefani Get Hot Over Hooters!

New photos of Nikki & Stefani playing around with their ginormous juggs! Also, more photos of Tiana, Bianca and Janeen!

Video Repost!

Stefani has a horny time in bed with a giant rubber cock.

07-11-08  New Video: Monica & Stefani Work Out their Tits!
Monica and Stefani pair up for a vigorous top heavy workout! Starting with stretches they try to touch their toes but their tits get in the way. Next they do rubber band exercises, pushing their chests into each other! They do squats but their tits bounce more than they do! Stefani struggles to lift Monica's mamms and eventually resorts to mashing her head in her cleavage! Both girls do sit ups and rub their tits together! Stefani forgets about working out and starts humping Monica's boob! The girls take turns getting smashed in between each others lactating tits! So much happens in this video! Our longest video yet!

07-09-08  Tiana is Hot & Horney!

New photos of Tiana in a green top looking ultra-sexy! Also, more photos of Bianca & Janeen and Monica & Stefani!

07-04-08  New Video: Vanessa's Extreme Smoking Binge!

Vanessa loves to indulge with a smoke on occasion but this time she takes it to the extreme! She starts out smoking one cigarette, then two, before long she's smoking five at once! She puffs thick clouds of smoke while giving the camera her lusty stare! Still not satisfied she takes out a giant cigar! She licks it and rubs her tits... smoking really turns her on! She puffs away while sucking it like a dick! Finally she puts the cigar out, stepping on it with heels as her massive tits wobble! Excessive boobage and excessive smoking!

07-01-08  Bianca and Janeen Strap On Cocks!

New photos of Bianca and Janeen wearing strap-on cocks! Also, more photos of Vanessa, Stefani and Monica!

Video Repost!
Vanessa and Holly have a milk battle and then a dance-off!

06-28-08  New Video: Nikki & Janeen have a Sucking Party!

Nikki and Janeen take turns putting lipstick on each other. Nikki takes out a duel-headed dildo and the two girls suck and lick it! Then Nikki busts out her giant nipples to suck on! Janeen tongues and deep throats Nikki's dick-udders! Then the two girls push their busts together and have a lusty kissing session! Nikki spanks Janeen with her nipples and then dry-humps her from behind while her nipples wiggle! For the finale, Janeen gets wedged in cleavage and jacks-off both of Nikki's nipples while they both spray hooter-juice!

06-24-08  Monica & Stefani's Steamy Workout!

New photos of Stefani & Monica working out their enormous assets! Also more photos of Vanessa, Nikki & Janeen!

06-21-08  New Video: Rina's Small Boob Nightmare!

Rina happily skips around the yard, her huge tits thump up and down! Then she lies down on the grass, cuddles her tits and takes a nap. She wakes up in horror to find that her tits have shrunk to their smaller original size! She has a tantrum and smacks her tiny titties. Standing up she continues to abuse her little rockets. She bounces, shakes and inspects them in a state of despair. Then she wakes up again, it was just a bad dream, her tits are still huge! She joyously hugs and kisses them. She gets so excited she begins lactating! She wobbles and squeezes her milk gushing udders!

06-18-08  Vanessa’s Super Stacked Smoking Session!

New hot photos of Vanessa smoking cigarettes and cigars! Also more photos of Rina, Nikki & Janeen!

Video Repost!

Mindy is over studying so she milks her school books!

06-14-08  New Video: Tiana & Stefani Spank, Suck & Milk!

Tiana and Stefani are in detention. They start talking and realize they are both naughty nymphos! They take turns spanking each other's ass with a wooden paddle! They smack and abuse each others tits as well! Then they feel how heavy their boobs are and suck on each others nipples! Stefani gropes Tiana's hooters until they squirt milk all over her. Both girls lactate wildly, moaning and groaning while the unload their mammary glands together! Hot school girl action with horny dialog and girly giggling!

06-10-08  Janeen Sucks on Nikki's Nipples!

New photos of Nikki & Janeen sucking, licking and kissing, as well as photos of Rina, Stefani & Tiana!

06-07-08  New Video: Bianca has Fun with Fruit!

Bianca's back and looking ultra hot! She starts walking sexy with her firm, protruding tits bouncing! Her ass, hips and legs are also mouth-watering! Then she stumbles upon a pile of fruit and decides to gets naughty! She lustfully eats grapes, sucks on a banana, juices oranges on her nipples and smashes tomatos in her cleavage! Before long she has made a complete mess! She smashes the remaining fruit on the table with her tits. Finally she gets pissed-off at the fruit, so she curses at it and smashes it with her clear high heels! Messy fetish & crushing fetish, mixed with macromastia!

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